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Chief Representative Officer / Business Development Director, Kenya

Our client, a Pan African bank, is building up its presence in Sub Saharan Africa. Kenya, taking the lead in East Africa banking, was identified as the first market to break into in East Africa. They wanted someone from the diaspora with extensive experience in first world sophisticated investment banking coupled with managerial experience running teams within origination of high ticket debt transactions in Africa. We presented a shortlist of five candidates within two weeks of having been contracted, and one of our candidates was hired after a four month process.

Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Nigeria

Clement May was tasked with helping to build an entirely new business for our client, a South African bank in expansion mode. We were asked to assist in a very confidential search to identify a legal counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for their Nigeria office. This person had to fulfil certain criteria to satisfy the authorities and also be well connected within the legal framework of banking in Nigeria. Needless to say, this is now a key function of any international bank operating in the country and finding the right person is of utmost importance. We delivered a short list of four candidates within two weeks, and one of our candidates was offered the role after two and a half months.

Change Release Manager, Turkey

A FTSE10 consumer goods company approached us looking for a local resource for a Change Release Manager contract position in Turkey. The main obstacle we faced was that in Turkey, the IT sector seems to lean towards the permanent market and contractors are seldom come across. Furthermore the mention of a contract seems to instil a sense of instability in the mind set of local candidates. However, we were able to come up with a solution and we succeeded in head hunting a consultant from IBM and offering a fixed term contract..

MES Design, UK

A FTSE10 consumer goods company was seeking a MES Design consultant for a permanent role in the London office within their organisation. The specific MES system which they sought experience with made this a challenging task as the majority of candidates with this experience were already working with the mother company whose offices were mainly based outside the UK and so convincing someone to leave this company to work for an end user of the system and to permanently relocate abroad would present its difficulties. Nevertheless, we did manage to find a candidate from this company, who was based in Poland and sought more international experience to further their career.

Global ICT Manager, UK

Our Private Equity client, based in London, were building a Global billion dollar business had very disparate IT and Communications systems creating a significant challenge. They needed a more integrated solution across people, systems and processes as they operate within varying time zones. All employees globally needed to share information in a secure, timely and efficient way but at this stage the functionality wasn’t available. The successful candidate was headhunted and introduced to the client all within 2 weeks of sign-off; he was a Senior Technology Manager with experience in working with various cultures and locations to overcome physical and technical challenges in order to modernise, streamline and bring business benefit via Technology Strategy.

Executive Director / Head of IT, UK

Our client a FTSE 10 Global Consumer Goods company approached us to help them find a Head of IT for a Greenfield Global Centre of Excellence Division; part of their Global IT function. This role was also to be a key part of their succession planning for their Global IT Leadership Team. After a month of searching we presented a shortlist of 3 candidates all of which had a mix of senior level cross functional IT business experience from other FTSE firms. One of our shortlisted candidates was offered the role after a rigorous 5 month interview process.