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Leaving a job – the perfect farewell!


How hard can it be? You hand in your notice and sail into your fantastic new role. Job done.

Leaving a job and leaving a good impression when you go, can reward you no-end down the line.  You may have no intention of ever stepping foot in that office again but remember other people move too and there’s no point in burning bridges. These are our tips for the perfect farewell!


Have a plan

Whatever your reason for leaving a job, the transition is going to inevitably have a few stressful moments.  Before you make any commitments, have a plan.  Work out the ideal transition and work to that goal.  What do you want to do about unspent holiday?  What pension arrangements need to be sorted out?  What are you going to do if your boss offers you a huge raise?  Plan for all the eventualities before you hand in your notice, just so you feel confident that all bases are covered and if any negotiation is required you’re prepared.

Prepare the hand over

This is your time to shine.  Provide your successor with an exceptional roadmap for their new role.  You can prove your accomplishments, skills and work ethic in one smooth move.  You’ll need to explain what the role entails in full, lay out the milestones leading up to your departure and provide your plans for the direction of the project / business / department.  Make sure your boss or senior colleagues are aware of what you’ve put together – they should be informed anyway – and you’ll be remembered as someone who went above and beyond.  Plus your successor’s only interaction with you will have been a truly positive one!

Keep working

Working out your notice can be a bit of a chore, knowing that your exciting new position is just around the corner.  Whatever you do, don’t slack off.  If anything you should work harder than you’ve ever worked to erase any memory of late starts or overdue reports.  The completion of some key tasks and some milestones reached in that final stretch will cement your reputation.  Leave on a high!

Thank your colleagues

We’re not talking speeches, chocolates and champagne (unless that’s your thing!).  A genuine thank you and goodbye goes a long way.  Make sure your colleagues know that any past issues are water under the bridge and check that you are connected on LinkedIn.  A warm, friendly goodbye will be remembered whereas a quick wave will be forgotten by Monday.


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