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Where should I be for a job in IT?

The world is changing and Silicon Valley is certainly not the only place where you can fulfil your IT dreams. Although many feel the tech community is now online, in our experience this is far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, IT consultants like to socialise and be part of an offline community too! This is our overview of three cities where tech dreams come true.



Yes, this is favouritism and it’s no big news that London has some pretty impressive IT acumen, but Clement May’s head office is here and we’re pretty proud of our city!  The monstrous piece of town planning now referred to as ‘Silicon Roundabout’ is home to an enormous volume of tech start-ups from the one-man-bands to the giant corporations.  London is leading the way in computer game development and as gamification seems to envelop the business world it’s possible that the companies developing addictive time-wasters may soon be designing your accounting software!  Well who knows…….?

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Bangalore has long been call centre central but now it’s so much more!  First things first.  There are a lot of people in India and tech talent is growing and growing.  Those people who cut their teeth as outsourced IT support are taking the reins and starting up exciting new tech businesses.  There are still the large corporations employing thousands of IT professionals but the exciting bit is the break-away home-grown start-ups.   Bangalore’s start-up scene is characterised by a proliferation of small tech projects of which only a tiny percentage reach international or even national exposure.  The investment is coming though, both from large government funds and from venture capital.  Watch this space…..

Bangalore: India's IT hub readies for the digital future

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Our office in Johannesburg was set up in 2013 to cater for the financial and banking sector.  Based in the commercial hub of Sandton, we’ve noticed a shift towards the IT sector.  Many multinationals use Johnannesburg as their African base and more and more are outsourcing IT services to South Africa.  As well as multinational giants like Astra Zeneca and Audi, South African corporations such as ABSA and Old Mutual employ considerable IT teams.   

The mobile payment industry is big in Africa and if anywhere is going to leave cash behind it’ll be South Africa.  For FinTech and PaymentTech frontiers, Johannesburg is the place to be!

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