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Top Tech predictions for 2016

We’ve scoured the key influencers to compile our favourite top tech predictions for 2016.



According to Paul Egan, ‘consolidation and failure’ will characterise the IoT software landscape.  With a growing number of companies competing to dominate the Internet of Things software scene, inevitably 2016 will see some firms fail, some snatched up by tech giants and (hopefully) some begin to show their independent mettle.


What seems pretty clear is that BYOD is going to continue to increase in usage and systems to manage the security and compatibility are going become a high priority for CTOs and CIOs.  Systems are maturing, software is becoming more sophisticated.  Perhaps 2016 is the year CTOs may sleep through the night again!

Analytics & BI

Visual analytics are in the ascendancy.  Software to visualise complex data not only makes communication of intelligence easier but also enables analysts to make more and more interesting demands on datasets quickly, easily and visually.  2016 may be the year when people, and by people I mean non-statistical analysts, may start to understand the huge amount of analytics we have access to. 


Of all the predictions for mobile tech in 2016 we’re fingers-crossed for real development in kinetic power to charge our phones.  This time next year will we be reminiscing about the bad old days when lives were dominated by their proximity to a smartphone charger? Please make it so!


Educating consumers towards smarter financial decision making tops John Boitnott’s 8 Ways Financial Technology Will Evolve in 2016.  Recent financial scandals have opened up the field to a number of consumer-focused start-ups.  2016 will be about helping consumers plan for the future, take control of their money and making informed investment strategies.  


AdBlocking is here to stay, thanks to the marketers that believe flashing a product in your face when you’re trying to work is going to make you buy it.  AdBlock have won repeated actions in 2015 which means AdTech needs to up its game and develop sophisticated online advertising that doesn’t make you close the window instantly.  AdBlock have developed their ‘whitelist’ allowing ‘approved’ adverts and it’s time for aggressive AdTech to adapt or become extinct.


A pretty safe bet is that there will be some InfoSec scandal in 2016.  2015 saw the Ashley Madison affair amongst a startling number of data loss ‘moments’.  Rather than continue the battle of brains between hacker and anti-hacker, companies may have to rethink how they store, transfer and indeed dispose of sensitive data.  New data protection legislation is on the horizon and it may be a case of ensuring you don’t store much worth stealing.


And finally….

We’ve had a great year at Clement May.  We’ve worked with truly inspiring clients, met exceptional consultants and have delivered some pretty awesome placements.  Thank you all for making our year so special and we look forward to working with you in 2016!  

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