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Top Five Websites for CIOs

The range of online resources aimed at CIOs is getting larger by the month. Whether you’re looking for up-to-date news articles to skim read, in-depth features about the cloud or reports from data scientists, or more personal insights from top industry professionals, we’ve found the most incisive resources on the web.

Targeted specifically at enterprise CIOs, is part of the huge TechTarget family of sites which cover everything from cloud technology to security and health care IT. Their vast library of white papers is impressively comprehensive, and their conscientiously updated news section is written by a team of industry-savvy contributors. The site’s Ask An Expert section is also invaluable for those of you looking for answers to technical questions that only your peers can provide.


CIO Insight

Aiming to be ‘the voice of the CIO community’, CIO Insight is especially useful for those wishing to boost their business leadership skills. With up-to-the-minute sections on IT news and trends, management and relevant industry case studies, the site also prides itself on identifying ways for CIOs to translate tech jargon into solid, comprehensible language that other managers will understand.


CIO Today

Started in 2002, this was one of the first CIO and C level executive-targeted sites. CIO Today now sets its sights even more broadly, providing cutting-edge information on buying enterprise hardware and software systems for directors, managers and senior level VPs. Along with their sister sites – Top Tech News, Data Storage Today and Mobile Tech Today – the site is a veritable one stop shop for all things IT management. is the online face of CXO Media, the business arm of top enterprise technology data, media and services company IDG Enterprises. Its features and opinion sections are particularly strong, with recent topics covered including ways to turn your smartphone into a 3D printer for $99, why apple no longer needs the iPhone and an in-depth piece on why IT managers can’t be expected to take all the heat when it comes to data breaches. 


Life As A Healthcare CIO

If you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted and personal, this is one of the top CIO blogs to dip into. Written by John Halamka, CIO at CareGroup Health System as well as Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School, it offers insight into everything from the MD’s experiences with infrastructure, policies and management and perspectives on cybersecurity to off duty musings on gardening techniques and efforts to reduce his carbon footprint.