Quick Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

December 30, 2020

Be specific

We use LinkedIn Recruiter to search for potential candidates with specific skills.  If, for example you say in your profile that you have experience in a ‘range of modules in the SAP suite’ you are unlikely to come up in our searches.  Make specific references e.g. ‘Working as a Supply Chain Solution Architect involving PLM, SCM, OER, Track & Trace, BI, MES’ and your name will come bobbing to the surface.  Optimise your LinkedIn profile with the keywords that best represent you.

In every area of your profile, if you're vague about your roles or education it casts doubt in our minds.  Be confident, be specific and we’ll find the roles that are right for you!

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Endorsements and recommendations

Don’t overvalue endorsements and don’t undervalue recommendations.  We all know how easy it is to click to endorse someone’s skills.  I know that many of the endorsements I’ve received are from people I’ve never worked with!  If you have no endorsements at all it might seem a little strange but don’t think having hundreds will boost your chances of being headhunted. 

Recommendations, however, are a rather different kettle of fish.  If you can get recommendations from past employers / colleagues it can give the recruiter the confidence they need to put you forward.  Again it comes down to the little steps towards building a bigger picture.

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It should go without saying that a picture improves the credibility of your LinkedIn profile considerably, but we still see senior managers who choose the grey blob denoting no image.  Although there is obviously no necessity to see what you look like before putting you forward for a role, it is the recruiter’s job to assess the credibility of the candidate and a completed, professional LinkedIn profile is one of those ways that we judge. 

If you don’t have a professionally taken photo, make sure it represents the level of professionalism you wish to convey.  A grainy selfie suggests a lack of thought, whereas a nicely posed and well lit photo shows an attention to detail and effort put in.  It may sound very critical but we have to build a picture of the person we’re going to put before our clients and small things added up create a positive image overall. A great picture can really improve your LinkedIn profile. 

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